Specialist and parent participation in the National Self-Detection Program for Scoliosis (NSDPS)

School participation in the NSDPS is voluntary and so the program will be promoted from time to time until it becomes an integral part of the health programs for schools. A copy of the form letter that is sent to schools is available as a PDF document on this page.

If a member of the Spine Society of Australia sees a girl with scoliosis and is the first specialist to be consulted, and that girl's school did not take part in the NSDPS, it is requested that you pass on a simple letter for the parent to forward to the school. The notification to school principal can be downloaded from this page as a PDF document. A list of the topics on this website can also be downloaded for distribution to patients/parents and interested parties.

If, as a parent, you are unsure whether your child's school has taken part in the NSDPS, it would be helpful to download the notification to school principal PDF document and forward it to the school.


Documents for pdf download

List of website topics
Notification to school principal
Form letter to school principal